13 February 2018

ACL is pleased to announce on the commencement of the Singapore Qinzhou Shuttle Service (SQS). It is a fixed day weekly service plying the rotation Singapore (SGSIN) - Laem Chabang (THLCH) - Qinzhou (CNQZH) - Singapore (SGSIN).

With this dedicated service, ACL would be providing a twice weekly frequency between Qinzhou and Singapore on both SQS and VCS. In addition, we will have a direct service connecting Laem Chabang to Qinzhou with short transit time of 4 days.

Commencement voyage will be Kota Tenaga v.0001N/S ETA Singapore 24th January 2018 (Wednesday), ETA Laem Chabang 28th January 2018 (Sunday) and ETA Qinzhou 01st February 2018 (Thursday).